The Hippie, the Neo-Nazi and the Exorcist

The Hippie, the Neo-Nazi and the Exorcist…sounds like the start to a bad joke. I actually made a sarcastic comment this past weekend to a girlfriend of mine about how my next post should be about how I have a tendency to meet such idiosyncratic types.  It’s no joke, I really do, and I think you’ll find it rather interesting.  Here’s my story of how meeting these characters have played out over the past 6 months.

The Hippie

Last July I spent a weekend away to leave the hectic grip London had over me, as I wanted space to think about whether to continue with the visa sponsorship at work.  So I escaped to Devon in the south western part of England.  The town I visited was recommended by a good friend and had a direct train from London so was easy to travel to in a few hours. Walking down the High Street I understood what my friend meant when she described the town as having a bohemian vibe full of spiritual types, where I could find a yoga class or Continue reading

Highway to Heaven

Hey guys, it’s Flo.  This time of year is when much of the world celebrate the dead.  November 11 is Remembrance Day and Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November.  The 3 days of Allhallowtide in the Christian Calendar is happening now:  October 31 was All Saint’s Eve, better known as Halloween.  Yesterday was All Saint’s Day, or in Mexico Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Finally today, November 2, is All Soul’s Day. During the 3 days of Allhallowtide, the dead are honored with various festivals, parties, feasts, parades and ceremonies.

I’m not a practicing Christian, so for many in the western world like me, this is the time of year when people chase the thrill of getting scared by sharing ghost stories.  Children dress up in silly costumes and run around on a sugar high, and adults run around dressed like silly children on a sugar high.  I’m not a fan of fancy dress myself so I haven’t actually got a Halloween party story to tell.

I do however, have my own story to tell in honour of the dead.  There have been a number of strange occurrences having to do with the unexplained that has happened to me (I’ll get into it another time).  This story, is the most popular one. Continue reading